Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Walls of Rothenburg

We walked up and out of the little town, which is bordered by these great high walls, with towers along every so often, and some openings, but we didn't find anything exciting past the walls. We had driven through one of the paths the night before, on our way into the city, so we decided it was good
to explore them. We found out that we could actually go up and around the walls,and so we climbed up these steep little steps. We found ourself in the first turret, but it was incredibly windy up there! We walked along the skinny walls, along the inside for a long time, but it was hard for David, because he was so tall, and these walls certainly weren't built for tall people! We had to go along quite a long way along the walls - until we could get to another set of stairs, so poor David had to crouch for a long time! I was having a grand time though - and we
got some great views of the city, and as we went towards the rest of the city, some great views of the central areas of the town, with the spires and big Christmas trees! We finished up our walk along the wall, and then we headed back to the car to drive on to our next destination - Neuremburg!

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