Thursday, 23 January 2014

Up to Prague Castle

I had last visited Prague Castle with my grandparents - maybe back in 2005 - and I remember taking a taxi there! Indtead, we walked, up the hill. Just outside was a Starbucks ( quite funny really). After you go through the gates, there is a giant cathedral.
Strangely enough, outside there, Josh ran into one of his students and her family, who were also on a family vacation in Prague. From the outside of the cathedral, there are lots of little buildings which make up the castle - like a random toy museum and the kitchens and such like. We went out of the castle a different way we came in - and got this great view as we left! It was sad that this was our final place for the three of us on our road trip across Europe. It was sad to see David head off to Japan again - and we headed off to Paris, the next stop on our adventure.

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