Saturday, 18 January 2014

Our day in Rothenburg

Because so much was closed or ready to close when we arrived in Rothenburg the night before, we did some exploring in the morning. We went through the Christmas markets, and had more Sneeballs again, and I even got some yummy apple alocohol free "kids' wine" which was really, really yummy. The boys also indulged me by going through Kathy Wolfhart's store with me too, where I got a cute, heart shaped bulb. We wandered all around the city, and right near the walls, we found
a newly opened, Japanese store, run by a Japanese couple, who were super excited for all three of us to speak Japanese with them. I got a Ramune and some Inari Sushi too - which was a bit surprise to find in the middle of a little medieval town in the middle of Southern Germany!

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