Saturday, 3 August 2013

Leaving Hagi

To be honest, leaving Hagi was much tougher and harder than I had expected. I had wanted it to be full of nice trips to the beach and slow lunches, but instead there was a lot of paperwork and packing. In the end, I did manage to finish up all the packing, I went around on my bike and took some photos
of the lovely places in town, like the beach and the castle. I also got to get lunch one day with all the ALTs in town. It was nice to see them one last time, before we all scatter across the globe. To be honest, Hagi has been a place I've loved, and I've hated....really hated sometimes. But in reality,
I was really blessed to live in Japan, in an exceedingly beautiful part of Japan, somewhere where I could ride my bike to work, and walk to the supermarket. Somewhere where I didnt have to drive, and I could do Purikura and all sorts. It was full of my cute students, who were always happy to see me outside of school. It was
a town full of history, and was SO important in Japanese history, that everyone knows about it. I was really so lucky, to even get the oppourtunity to live in Japan. I was completely and utterly NOT ready to leave. I love my life in Japan - everything was exciting every day. Every single day brought something new. And it had become home. And, as we all know, it's so hard to leave a place you call home.

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