Sunday, 4 August 2013

Singapore River Safari

Singapore has tons of things for tourists to do. Especially in terms of things to do outside, and to do with animals. Actually, after we collected all of our photos from the zoo, and got some Peanut Butter Ben and Jerry's ice cream, we hmmmed and hawwwed over weather to do the river park or not, which was right next door. We had heard from our driver that maybe the park wasn't finished, but we also discovered that the vast majority of the park was open! So, we decided to go ahead, and it was really great!
The park was built in a big circle, with river sections from each part of the world. It was so interesting to know all about the Chinese river delta. In that section, they had a HUGE panda exhibit for their two pandas, whose names I've forgotten. As I never made it to Ueno Zoo, during the time
I lived in Japan, to see the pandas there, I was so excited to get some photos of the pandas, as there was no glass in between you and the pandas, but rather a walkway over their exhibit. One of their pandas was out and eating bamboo at a mile a minute, so I was lucky enough to get great photos!
A bit further along, right at the end, there was a manatee part to the park. And not just one manatee - tons and tons. Mums and babies and they were all so adorable. Since dating Josh, I've become pretty obsessed with manatees - I think they are the cutest!

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