Sunday, 4 August 2013

We finally made it to the Merlion!

One of the biggest things I desperately wanted to do in Singapore was visit the Merlion statue. It is literally the symbol of Singapore. Eileen told me the story about how aparently it represents the creatures they discovered when people came to Singapore, as well as the sea so close around the city. It is basically now, a huge statue in the middle of the bay. We went at night, and took some amazing photos. It was really the highlight of the trip! It was sad that it was the last thing on
our lovely trip in Singapore, but it was also quite fitting that this was how it ended. Sadly, in the morning, we had to leave - Sarah to head back to Japan, Eileen off to work and me on to visit Pei Yi in Malaysia. So sadly, we got into a taxi, and said goodbye to the Merlion, and goodbye to Singapore the next morning - sad, but a little bit closer to being back home.

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