Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Top of the Petronas Towers

The Petronas towers are a pretty big deal in Malaysia, and Kuala Lumpur specifically. It is somewhere that everyone who visits Malaysia! The top was pretty exciting - it wasn't as good a view as from the middle (maybe it was just a little tooooooo high!) but they did have lots of models of how it was made and how it was built, as well as some really cool plans on how the Malaysian government is planning to have it a confirmed MEDC country by 2020!
The Petronas organization also has a Formula 1 team, and there was an upcoming grand prix in Singapore, so there was a lot of exitement about that and their new car! Again, we were on a limited time at the top, so we took some pictures on both sides of the tower, and then headed back down in order to take some photos in front of the amazing building! I was so happy that we had actually gotten tickets, because the visit was so worth it!

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