Sunday, 4 August 2013

Chinatown in Singapore

One of the awesome things about Singapore is all the different cultural quarters they have within the one city. So we met up with my friend from university again, Eileen, and we headed over to Chinatown. It was so bright and colourful! I always love Chinatowns and Singapore's was no different!
I also loved the bright buildings and the cool shutters. Eileen insisted I also try some durian flavoured things. I was quite scared to try a whole one, so instead I just had one little pancake! I am sorry to say that it was incredibly horrible! But at least I can say that I tried it! Chinatown was full of cute shops selling those cliche Chinese souveniers, and I didn't get anything, but I did enjoy looking in all of the shops at the phone charms and fans.

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