Sunday, 4 August 2013

My very last day in Nara Park

I have always said that Nara park has held a special place in my heart. Come winter or summer, blazing heat or chilly wind, Josh and I have spent just so much time over the past year and a half here. It was incredible how often we ended up there for an afternoon of feeding the deer, walking around, taking pictures, before heading to the import store and then for several hours of karaoke. To be simply honest, my heart is happiest when I am there with Josh. I have so much fun and we can sit and talk for ages. And then sing our hearts out.
Last October we discovered the boats on the lake, and did that a couple times, much to my delight. I actually prefer being away from the beautiful, but busy areas like Todaiji, and instead being in the deep woods, where tourists don't often go. We have been there for deer herding, as tour guides for our
family, but the best always was the light festival in the summer. We went right after we started dating, and it was one of my favourite memories of when I finally made it through the hole in the column (the same size as Buddah's nostril). So needless to say, I have tons of great memories of Nara Park. Josh and I had one final day in Nara, before we finally left Japan. It was incredibly hot, but we went to all of our favourite places, fed as many deer as we possibly could, and just had a wonderful time. As we were leaving the park, I started to cry. Now, I am not
quite sure why, but then it felt like I was leaving everything I knew behind. I know that right then, in that moment, I certainly wasn't ready to be leaving Japan in the slightest. I have been blessed with two wonderful years in such a wonderful, wonderful country, and I wouldn't change it for a second.

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