Sunday, 4 August 2013

Our Breakfast with the Orangutans

One of the coolest things we did in Singapore was definitely arranging to have breakfast with the orangutangs at Singapore Zoo. We arrived really early, and so were seated right by the orangutangs, where they brought them out a few feet in front of us, with no barriers
between us! The breakfast itself was really yummy and delicious - and much better than our previous days' breakfast of Starbucks! So we had cereal, and waffles and all sorts of good stuff! Then, they let us go up to the orangutangs and take some photos with them - there were little tiny baby ones, as well as some mother oragnutangs too! The zoo is really incredible and they allow the visitors to go right up to the animals and interact with them.
They had some great keepers on hand to answer all our questions and give a nice spiel on what kind of foods that they eat. They also had a couple snakes that you could hold - which I loved too, because I like snakes, as long as they are in a zoo and with a handler! It was a great breakfast and experience and then we headed out to see more of the zoo and the attached river safari park!

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