Sunday, 4 August 2013

Feeding the Elephants

The next morning, after some quick sleep, we headed out very, very early, to the Singapore Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is really incredible and has gotten rave reviews - about how great the animal areas are, as well as how much you can interact with the animals there. We had booked in to have breakfast with the Orangutans,
but while we were waiting, they were having an elephant feeding time - I waited in line with all the little children to feed the elephants some apples and other fruit. It was so fun, and the elephants were really greedy, but it was a great experience because I love elephants, and especially feeding them because they are quite funny how they use their trunks! There were two elephants that we could feed so I stopped and took some photos, and then rushed back to sit down and be ready for breakfast with the cute orangutangs!

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