Sunday, 4 August 2013

The amazing Gardens by the Bay

This place was one of my top things to do on my list for Singapore. We had a Singaporean girl who lived with us in Hagi, and she had said they were really nice at night, so of course I googled them! They are part of the Botanical Gardens, but a seperate,
outdoor thing which is on until really late at night. While they look like giant trees, which are several hundred feet high, they are actually home to lots of little plants along the trunks. And, they are also covered in little LED lights, so in the evening they all glow really obnoxious but beautiful colours! It was simply amazing and defintely one of those "OMG THIS IS CRAZY" moments. But it was a really good place to visit!
We spent quite a long time just sitting and staring at them, which was fine, and we also took lots of pictures, of course, even managing to get this one of Sarah, Eileen and I. I am so glad we went to see them in the first place and they were definitely something very unique to Singapore, which was exactly what we were after.

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