Saturday, 20 July 2013

Oshima Island

We origionally actually went on the boat just to go for the ride, and to be out on the water where it wasn't too hot. Instead, we had about forty minutes until the boat headed back to Hagi. So, we decided a good walk was in order. There isn't actually much on Oshima - it primarily relies on fishing, and very small
scale fishing too, so there are no big tourism sites. We took a walk along the marina, which was filled with all these little boats. I really liked the boats there, because they looked so hodge podge and held together. We attempted to find the convenience store, but couldnt, and instead settled
for a nice cold drink on our walk. Of course, this being Japan, there were vending machines. No matter how rural it is, there are always vending machines! The centre of the island is all mountains, so we tried to walk around them, and stick to the water, which is near where we found
some amazing rice paddies. Rice paddies are the Japanese standard really, but surprisingly, on a day to day basis, I dont see them in the centre of the little town I live in. These onces were absolutely beautiful! We walked around a little more, and found the little beach where some of the kids
were swimming, before heading back around the harbor. We stopped and sat briefly, but the concrete was so, so hot I almost couldn't stand it! We had to make sure we were back in time for the last ferry home! Hagi wasn't really very far away, so we finished our trip with some ice cream from Baskin Robbins!

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