Sunday, 4 August 2013

High Tea at Raffles

One of THE things to do in Singapore is to have High Tea. And since the Singaporeans really care about food, its really, really popular. But THE place to do it is a Raffles, which is downtown. We were quite lucky to get in to have afternoon tea there, so after we went to the
Botanical gardens, we were able to get back in time for our reservation at Raffles. Our table was lovely, and the room was so nice and airy. There was a lovely buffet with lots of choice, especially all the dim sum which we loved! We also got to have al the clotted cream and scones we wanted!
We were joined by my friend Eileen, who actually I met while at Bristol, a very, very long time ago. We both were on the Bristol University business/development team and got to go to London together! She moved back home, to Singapore and we were so fortunate that she could join us, and then show us ALLLLLLLLL around Singapore!

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