Sunday, 4 August 2013

A stop at a Temple

While we were walking through Chinatown, we stopped and made a quick cut through through a temple. And a really, pretty temple at that. I'm not quite sure what kind of temple it was, but there were lots of statues, as well as tons and tons of candles. They seemed to be preparing for some
festival, which may have been to do with National Day for Singapore, which was coming up really soon. We had quite a quick stop, as we weren't sure if we were allowed in or not! There didn't seem to be any more tourists in there, and we sure stuck out! We quickly went through to the other side, and Eileen took us to try some traditional Singaporean food! She took us to the place where Gordon Ramsey had visited recently - and competed with this food stall to see who could make it tastier,
and it turns out he lost! So, needless to say, all the noodles and chicken we had were so delicious and yummy! Eileen stood in the queue for us for absolutely ages too - because it was simply just so popular! It was so nice to hang out with her again, and see how much her life has changed since Bristol and how much she misses that city, like I do!

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