Sunday, 4 August 2013

My last Shinkansen ride

The last bus ride was kind of sad - it has been a massive bone of contention during my time in Japan, but really, it is always nice to have an hour and a half to just sleep on the ride to the Shinkansen station or to my house. I had actually arrived quite early for the Shinkansen, so I bought my tickets to
Shin-Osaka, to see Josh, so I stopped and took some photos. It made me pretty nostalgic. The Shinkansen is a great invention, and it cuts down a 13 hour journey to about without it, I simply wouldn't have been able to go and visit Josh! It really has been a lifesaver - that I could always go up
there on a Friday night and spend all weekend with him. It is just so unheard of in the UK to have high speed, fast, unbelieveably on time trains! It is just so Japanese too - completly stereotypical but so true! I was sad when I got off - it has been my main mode of transport for the last two years!

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