Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Going up Sky Tree

After standing in line briefly, and getting myself a voucher to come back and buy a ticket at Sky Tree...I headed back and went to the Planetarium. It wasn't really a planetarium like I expected...it was more just a show, and that was a shame I thought! But I wandered around the huuuuuuge shopping mall underneath of the Sky Tree and then got into line in the 5-5:30 slot and that meant I stood in a line until 5:30, and then I got into another line which meant I could buy tickets. There did seem to be line, after line, after line. It seemed very organized though!Eventually I got through the line, and got my ticket. It was super cute, and they had a bunch of souvenier tickets which was nice, so I could keep it. I got into the coolest lift, and arrived at the top right as the sun was setting. I got some fun photos as the sun was setting, and all the lights were turning on! I like that time of day the best! I really had a lovely time, but I didn't like that I was there alone. There were many people and it was quite busy, so it was hard to get one of me with the background! I took lots of photos,and I spent almost two whole hours there, and before I left, I had the photographer take my photo!

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