Thursday, 25 October 2012

Apple Cinnamon Popcorn

I love the popcorn at theme parks. It just goes hand in hand with movie theatres and theme parks, and it's great to munch on while waiting in lines. Disney here has really weird flavours, like black pepper, and curry flavour, strawberry, and milk tea....which are all pretty strange. In the Duffy area they just got Apple Cinnamon, which probably sounds weird, but is amazing! We waited in line for ages, but it was great, we got a cute Duffy head and Sam got caramel popcorn in a glow-in-the dark ghost which had Mickey ears! It was pretty amazing! Later we got sea salt too, which is still the best flavour, but I would kill to have apple cinnamon popcorn every day! And I was super lucky because Josh carried around the Duffy head all day, and wore his ears like a pro. I love this picture of him on the American Waterfront with his ears on, shades on, and eating out of a bears head!

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