Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Daruma Temple, Takasaki, Gunma

On Sunday morning, Josh and I got up and tried to have an adventure in Tokyo Station. We really love the bakery Paul, but we couldn't find it in the Mitzukoshi to save our lives. I was pretty heartbroken, and next time, I'm just going t take him to Le Pain Quotidient. I took him to his train for the airport, in the old section of Tokyo station. After he left, I had a little cry. I missed him already, and it was hard for me. But I found an entire empty floor and it actually felt a little peaceful. After he left, I headed towards Takasaki, in Gunma. It was a bit of a stretch for me to do it in just one day, but I got to travel on the JR East shinaknsens as well as the cool double decker one! Takasaki was bigger than I thought and it reminded me a little bit of a small Kokura. I took a taxi ( an expensive one at that! ) and arrived at the temple. I saw this temple in a guide book and it looked fun. It was pretty small, but there were daruma dolls everywhere. I took lots of pictures of the different types and even one with me and a giant daruma tha was taller than I am! I went around the temple, took some photos, and then called a taxi. I was probably done in just half an hour, but it was a nice easy visit, and I had to visit Gunma eventually.

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