Thursday, 25 October 2012

At the beach with the Girls

We had such fun at the beach, I just had to share the photos, because it really was a perfect day. The beach in Hagi is probably the nicest thing to show people in my opinion, because the rest of it is not paticularily touristy unless you are Japanese or can read Japanese. These three girls are so special to me, so I thought it was important to give them a real taste of Hagi, even if the weather wasn't warm enough for swimming. Julianne and I have been here the same amount of time, and is one of the few people who stayed from my first year that I was really close to. Sarah has been here a year longer than us, and is my friend from Bali, where we went in Golden Week. They live in the south of Yamaguchi, and so does Raashida, who is a private English teacher that I met through some of the other JETs. She will be going home soon, and I love chatting to her, and learning so much from here. She will be going home and I am going to miss her a lot, but I know that she is going home to her husband! It's not often that I am in Yamaguchi, or even Hagi for people to come and visit, so it was extra nice to get not just one friend, but three special friends to come and visit all at once! I know that often I go off on adventures, and don't get to see my friends, but it means a lot that once we are all together, we can act like no time has passed at all!

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