Friday, 21 September 2012

Cats causing a commotion in Ginza

I spend an inordinately long amount of time in Ginza, whenever I go to Tokyo. I think it has something to do with my favourite Western shops being there, but the night before, I had seen a bag I wanted to buy, and I went back into Forever 21 but the line was quite big, so I went back to get some things. I popped into the store, and then after, I spotted a huge, huge, crowd gathered in the middle of the street. I assumed it was a street performer or something, but no, they were all crowded around these two little cats sitting on the top of a street sign. They were both wearing bows, which made them even more adorable. Turns out, their owner dresses them up, and then puts them on street signs, and then a million people come and take photo of them. I guess I'm not quite sure of the purpose...but they were pretty cute! I love Ginza in the afternoon, they block off all the main street, and put little benches and tables with umbrellas....its such a lovely place to sit and spend an afternoon!

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