Thursday, 25 October 2012

Josh and I go to Disney Sea

As much as I love weekends at home, and ring with my friends, it always makes me crave excitement. So the following Friday I headed up to Tokyo. This trip randomly came about because a friend of mine, Sam, was wanting to visit Disney while the Halloween decorations were up. I really wanted to go to, so Josh and I headed up there. He got to fly, and arrived quite early in the afternoon. I spent my Friday at Kencho and was lucky to getoff early to see him. We met n Akihabara, and had dinner before our super early arrival at Disney. Josh is always so good, because he gets up and goes to these early thngs with me. Once we met up with Sam, we had her take these cute photos of us by the giant globe outside the main entrance. We all bought ears quite early on, and as much as I wanted a giant fluffy ears hat, they don't look so good on me, so Sam and I got matching warm ones and Josh got cute Mickey ears with a Fantasia hat!

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