Thursday, 25 October 2012

Giving the girls a tour around Hagi

After a nice long weekend in Kansai, it was time to spend some time in Yamaguchi. Cynthia and Sonja decided to hold a party of Saturday night and it was my job to collect people from the train stations and the bus centers. I first picked up Daragh and Elise, and we did purikura, and grabbed a snack, before I went and got Raashida and Sarah. Dinner was yummy and then we did Thai food, followed by three hours of Karaoke in a 30 person karaoke room! It was prety crazy! Julianne and Darlo joined us later that night too. So the next morning, Sunday,we all got up, and had some breakfast. It was nice just hanging out with my favourite people in Yamaguchi. I had Darlo, Julianne, Sarah and Raashida. Darlo headed home and then the girls and I rented bikes to explore the city a little. We visited the old town, and looked in a lot of the little pottery shops. We saw the Shoin statue, and went to the castle. We spent the time there watching the turtles and talking to a cute little Japanese baby. Then we headed to the beach, where Sarah dramatically laid down on this piece of driftwood, when suddenly a wave came and got her all wet! We had a good giggle over that! Then we took tons of pictures being silly. I really enjoyed that the most! We then had to say goodbye to Sarah, and put her on a bus. Raashida, Julianne and I got yaki niku, and then went to 31 (Baskin Robbins) for their Halloween flavours. We got the ice cream to go, and it was wrapped in about 6 different bags and took them about 15 minutes to prepare! Sometimes, wrapping in Japan is crazy. We somehow got the times mixed up for the girls, so they had to stay one more night. We put on the Disney movie "Enchanted", and had hot cocoa and a girly chat. It was the nicest night ever, and reminded me so much of being back at University. It was such a nice weekend with them!

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