Thursday, 11 October 2012

Matching Henna Tatoos

After we watched the presentations at the festival, and wandering around a left, we discovered the little stalls. Before we left the festival, to head back into Nara, we stopped and got Henna tattoos. Josh just went along for support, but instead decided he needed to get one too. I tried talking him into a nice design, but instead, he had the lady copy his Homer Simpson badge onto his ankle. The lady did a really nice job, but I teased him because it was sooooo cheesy! He said it was payback for making him get one! He did seem very pleased with it though! I got a much bigger one, on my arm so that noone could see it at work. It was so pretty, and the lady was so talented that she drew it freethand! It took a long time to dry, so I had to walk around in a tank top, but it was a little cold, but I thought it was still so pretty!Josh origionally was going to head back home, and Brittany to meet some friends, but instead I convinced them both to come with me to meet Rachel in Nara Park. I was really excited to see her as I don't often see her as she lives so far away in Ube!

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