Thursday, 11 October 2012

A date in the deer park

For the long weekend, I headed up to Kansai to see Josh, and my JET friend Rachel who was in Kansai on a vactation. Usually she lives in Yamaguchi with me! So after Friday night, we headed into Nara on Saturday, to spend date day in the park. First we did some shopping - I got some new boots, and Josh picked up a cool ninja Halloween costume. We had such a nice time shopping, I always enjoy picking stuff out for him, and they have a really nice mall there. We got some lunch, and then headed over to the park to feed the deer. Feeding the deer in Nara Park is one of my favourite things. I bought lots of biscuits and we went around and fed them. I love how tame they are and they are really very cute! We chilled in the park, on a nice bench, and then fed more deer before heading over to Karaoke. I love Karaoke, but I had never done it with just 2 people until now, and it was so much more fun than with a group! We sang lots of fun songs, and I got to practice a lot! When we got home, Josh made me was a perfect date, all day! I am so lucky!

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