Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bobbing for Apples at Sogo Shien

On Monday I went back to work, after almost no sleep. But what. Had forgotten, was a costume, so I improvised, and decided to wear my fuzzy bear suit. I knew the kids would love it and I'd be warm too. At most schools, I get to do at least one Halloween lesson, but at my special needs school, the whole day is Halloween themed. The teachers had brought costumes for all of the kids, so everyone was dressed up. We did bobbing for apples in teams with the entire school, it was such great fun and the kids loved it. Then we searched around the school for Pumpkin man, A teacher dressed up, but who terrified the kids! They loved the candy I brought them too! All the teachers got involved, and it was just a great day. One teacher had gone to Costco and bought all American, fun sized candy bars. That for me, was really exciting and I know she also bought them little pumpkins to carve. It was really a great day and a nice way to start the Halloween season!

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