Thursday, 25 October 2012

My boyfriend likes Camels

When I visited Disney Sea last, I discovered little alley ways all around the park. They just make for interesting ways to walk around, and aren't necessarily leading to a ride. It makes a good quiet spot to sit and chat, or eat, or whatever. I found some very cool alley ways in the Arabia part too, which is based on the
movie, and it looked just like it. The Arabia section is really good. Instead of flying Dumboes there are flying carpets, and I really love the photo of my dad and I infringing of the tiger statue there. There is also a very cool camel in the middle section. Of course, I made Josh go and pose there, I had to really. Then I joined him and had Sam take some photos of us. They were cute, and then we started being silly, acting like the camel was going too fast! I then attempted to get off the camel, and got my heel stuck, so I hung not the camels neck for dear life! The photos were hilarious, especially when we realised the camel had a sensor which makes it make a camel sound! Scared us a lot!

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