Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wisasni Day Care

One of the most fun things we did in Africa was entirely unrelated to animals. We made an arrangement before we got to Africa to go and see the local school, and we made sure to bring shoes, and clothes and books and all sorts of useful things that the kids might use. We first met the kids, and they sang a bunch of different songs for us, showed us that they could do their numbers and alphabet and such. It was really sweet. We got a tour of the school - it was really basic
and simple, but you could see that their teachers had really put in a lot of effort to make it nice for them, and they worked so hard with them, with such little resources. The head of the school told us that they finally recieved some money from the government, but 50 per cent of that money goes towards feeding the children, morning, afternoon meals and snacks. In some cases, a lot of the school fees (I think they equated to 5 Euros per month) goes towards the upkeep and such of the school. The game lodge
helped them to build a second classroom for some of the older kids, but over the holiday, they ended up with bats in the roof! It really was a shame. I was glad to know that the supplies we got them can be used by the school. I think the tour was a little too much like poverty tourism, it was more like "visit us" rather than "help us", but I suppose there wasn't much I could do in one afternoon visiting them. But either way, we played with the kids for
a long time, they just were so excited to see us. We played on the swings with them, on the lions, and the kids loved having Josh swing them up in the air. It is just so lovely to see Josh interacting with little children. I was really happy there,
and I think I could have stayed for quite a lot longer. It really put into perspective how much our students have here in Frankfurt. I was sad to leave, but we had to get back for the game drive!

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