Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Beach called Scarborough

There are actually quite a lot of towns with British names in South Africa - everything seems to have either a British name or a Dutch name which was difficult for me to know how to pronounce! Either way, we wanted to end up somewhere
really nice to watch the sunset, although we were a bit early, and we really wanted another beach. We were killing time until we got to go back into the city. So we stopped at a little town called Scarborough - it didn't look like too much, but it did have a beach. And it seems that in February, almost all the beaches we visited were deserted...only a few people on them. I wasn't going to get out of the car origionally,
but we did end up getting out and going for a little walk along the beach. I was really interested in these lovely rocks which the water smashed up against. The sun wasn't going down as quickly as we thought, so we took our walk along the beach, and then headed back towards the car.
and head over to another town and see what we might find for dinner. We ended up stopping along a couple places until we came to a place in our guide book which had Portugese steak and chips - aparently Portugese food still has a big following in South Africa.
It was super yummy, but I think we were all pretty tired from the day, and I fell asleep before we even left the restaurant car park!

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