Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Animals in Chitwa Chitwa

We drove from Phelwana again, along these terrible dirt roads to the next game reserve, Sabi Sands. We seriously had a long way to go on dirt roads. The roads went all through these tiny, poor, poor villages. It was so interesting
to see the comparisson before the cities and the villages, but it also makes you feel a little bad about spending so much money to come and see these animals instead, when the people nearby have so little money. We arrived at Sabi Sands reserve, and eventually made our way to Chitwa Chitwa.
It was so snazzy, and so fancy, and just so nice. We checked in, and then hung out in the room a little, making sure to get lunch. It was so amazing, the view from the room looked over the wateringhole, and we could see all sorts of animals coming and going - we even saw a little family of warthogs who were adorable!
At four o'clock, they have high tea, and then you go out on the game drive. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but the game vehicles are really nice. We drive around and around, with your tracker and guide, looking for different animals. We didn't see tons of animals in the first day,
and so I am glad that by the end of our three days there, we had managed to see every single animal we came to see! They drive around for a few hours, before they stop and have sundowners - basically a Gin and Tonic, and some snacks so you can watch the sunset. It really
is the coolest thing! We got back to the lodge really late, but the dinner that was waiting for us was really good! We did go to bed really early too, because we were so exhausted! In the mornings, you still have to get up really early, but they do these nice snacks and tea for you. They drive around as the sun comes up, on another morning game drive.
I think the morning game drive was my favourite, even though I did fall asleep on it once or twice! You cuddle up under these blankets and it was fab! Our driver has walkie talkies with all the other drivers from the area, and they go and tell each other where these animals are, so that everyone can see them. We saw the big five, as well as the magnificent 7, which includes the leopard and the wild dogs. I loved seeing the hyena, and one time, we were right in the middle of a herd of elephants!
We looked and looked and looked for a rhino - as it was the last thing on my list to see. Finally, on the very last morning that we were there, we spotted a mother rhino and her baby, and we tracked them and followed them along for a really long time. It was such a perfect way to see all these animals we had travelled all the way to see - it was amazing!

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