Saturday, 6 February 2016

Meeting the Lions

The main reason to go to the Lion park is to see the Lions! We really didn't know what we would see on Safari, and we decided we really wanted to go. We chose the Lion park over a lot of other places in Johannesburg to go to, and I'm glad we did. They have tons of
lions at the park, and they aren't bothered by the cars at all. As soon as we arrived in Johannesburg, Daddy met up with a company who rents out camera lenses, so I had a giant lens for the holiday. The lens was so good, I was tooooooo close to the lions to get them all in the photo!
They also have this cute thing where you can go in for two minutes and interact with the lion cubs. I think we all thought the cubs would be a little smaller, and more awake, but we did get to stroke them, and see how big their feet were. They were sleeping
so much, apparently, because it was so warm out! And it certainly was! It was nice to get to be up close to the lions, even if they were littler than the big magestic ones we saw!

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