Monday, 8 February 2016

Walking into a Herd of Giraffe

We had a lovely breakfast, waited for Mummy and Daddy to pack up, (because a big giraffe was blocking their path) and then headed out to the main gate. It's about a twenty minute drive. While we were stopped taking photos of the hippo, we spotted a giraffe. I was too nervous to get out, but our guide was heading in his car the other direction, encouraged us to get out and take some photos. I walked up, and was getting photos, and as I stepped back, I almost stepped on another giraffe! There was an entire herd of them, there together!
They certainly weren't scared of me! It was amazing to be so close to them. I think it literally was one of the best experiences we had on the whole trip - I really knew right then I wanted to be a wildlife photographer! They eventually slowly wandered away. It was just such an amazing experience. As we were ready to leave, we got back into the car again, and we stumbled across the super old giraffe, who was really tall!

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