Friday, 12 February 2016

A Truthful Coffee Shop

As far as I know, Josh only has one South African Student, and the kid really reccomended this place called Truth. It wasn't in the nicest part of town, so in the morning, we got up and drove there. It was such a cool place - a steampunk themed, coffee bar. It was easily the busiest place in town - and definitely a place where hipsters would hang out. I felt obliged to try their coffee, even though I really don't like unflavoured cofee - but I really did enjoy it in the end. All of the people who worked there had the coolest outfits, with corsets and goggles and all sorts. I ordered the french toast crossaint, and it was incredible! In the end, we went another place the next day for lunch, and we totally should have gone back to Truth. It was just such a cool and interesting place.

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