Thursday, 11 February 2016

Where the Oceans Meet

After Boulder's beach (and Josh's skinned knee), we went into the near town and found a great cafe. While we were waiting to get back to the car, we strolled through these shops the locals had set up selling crafts. At Chitwa Chitwa, I had seen these cool animal
heads made out of beads. I found some here too, and now they are in our extra bedroom on the wall! And they were massively cheaper than anything we had seen at Chitwa Chitwa. In fact we ended up with quite a bit of art we brought home! We finally made it to Cape Point, right at 4 in the aternoon. It's a shame that the cable car wasn't running, but thank goodness we were just in time for the last bus up of the day. We were really glad we had decided to come all that way because the view was so
stunning - and it was so nice to stand there and look at where the two oceans meet. We ended up taking the bus down too, but stopped to take a photo with the sign. I was so glad we had driven all that way to visit - I think it was really worth it.

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