Saturday, 6 February 2016

Walking with the Cheetahs

The reason we decided to come to the Lion park, over anywhere else, was mainly to do this Cheetah experience they have. You are able to walk with the Cheetah and interact with them. We booked it online, and got the last spot of the day. It usually is done in a
seperate cage, but we were able to go into the main caged field which was really interesting. We got out of the bus, and I was really scared to get out, because the cheetahs came right on over to the bus (They associate it with being fed). After we got used to them a little, they are happy to walk along side you and the guide, let you throw meat for them, and let you pet them too! They are really just like giant cats - it was so surreal. These cheetahs have been here their whole lives, so they
aren't particularily scared of humans either. I was a little nervous, but eventualy I wasn't by the end. The lion park has a photographer who roams around with you, taking photos for you, on your mobile or on your phone. I was really pleased that we were able to buy some of the photos for quite cheap, because they were just great!

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