Friday, 12 February 2016

A walkway above the Canopy

I had seen the coolest Instagram post about this walkway which is like a path in the canopy of the trees - with a great view of Table Mountain. So, after a little bit of research, I discovered it was at the National Botanical Gardens. We didn't really go there to see anything else, but holy moley, it had such great views of Table Mountain. Everywhere we looked there were such great views. We looked at the nice flowers, and the different type of cactuses and bonsai trees, but we mainly headed towards the walkway.
We climbed a little hill, and then we found the walkway, which had only been built recently. It went over the canopy of the trees, and snaked around the area. I couldn't believe how big the mountain was. In actuality, there is an entire
National Park called Table mountain, so there are all sorts of big mountains all around the gardens. The botanical gardens are really, really big, and it was really quite nice to be under the canopy, rather than on top of it. We had a nice walk around, and watched them actually move some statues for a while. It was gettig to be lunchtime, and we actually couldn't find a shortcut to get out.
In the end, we found our way to the gift shop, where I was able to pick up some cute traditional dolls. Like I said before, it's really not like me to want art from different places, but I really like the stuff that we did pick up on our trip to Africa.

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