Thursday, 11 February 2016

Safari Style

We went on one final game drive on the morning that we left, and in the mornings, we stop and have coffee or tea and hotchocolate. I think the hot chocolate was seriously the best hot chocoalte I ever had. I had tons and tons of marshmallows in it too. The first day we stopped on this nice rock, near to iguanas, and then on the last day, we stopped right near the giraffes (we watched us for a long time!). It was so great to stop in the mornings, take a bathroom break and enjoy being out of the car and stretch our legs. I knew I needed to take some photos because we all were coordinating. Mummy and I worked really hard to find clothes we liked for safari - it ended up that I wore a bunch of Primark shirts, my boat shoes, and these awesome linen shorts that Josh's Mum helped me find while I was home in the summer!

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