Thursday, 11 February 2016

Boulders Beach

Our next stop on the coastal road was to Boulder's Beach. It's obviously got tons of boulders, but it also is home to all sorts of penguins! I was super excited to see the penguins, and I guess, to be honest, I was a little dissapointed that you couldn't get closer to them.
They should be protected though, because I'm sure lots of people would want to touch them and take pictures of them. They have set up like a walkway for the tourists, which is quite nice. We walked along to both of them, so we made it to the beach in two places - and you could see all the penguins nesting and looking after their eggs. We walked all the way down to the other edge of the beach - that beach is more actually a place that the locals go to - and most people there were sunbathing
or going in the water, right near the penguins. There weren't nearly as many penguins as I had expected. I had thought the beach was quite small down at that area, but in fact, I saw some kids crawling between some huge boulders to get to another beach on the other side. Daddy found a way to go over it, but I decided to go through - in my shoes and dress, with my camera strapped to my back - but it was so worth it, even though the water was up to my knees. It was so pretty through there - and quite a lot more penguins too! They were just so adorable, and sadly not interested in taking a selfie with me at all! It was so nice to see them up close and take some photos at the boulders.

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