Friday, 3 April 2015

Our beautiful Reception

After we had the ceremony, we took so many photos. It was quite warm in the sun, so after that, it was nice to be able to go back inside where the air conditioning was. We were able to have a few moments inside, before being announced to everyone who was waiting. They had all been enjoying our
yummy canapes and the bar, so they were all excited to see us. We came out and they announced us as Mr and Mrs Small - which was super cute! I think the weird thing about weddings is that right then, you do the first dance - so even though it was fully sunny out, we danced! To Ed Sheeran's "Thinking out loud".
It's such a cute song, but it was a little hard to dance in my dress! We had such a nice dance though - very different than practicing in our hallway! We danced, then we had our photographers take all our guests and arrange them in a heart. At the time, it seemed to take so, so long to arrange them -
but the end shot was AMAZING! Then we got to sit down for our dinner. My dad gave a really lovely speech, David gave his best man speech, and then Shelby gave the most heartwrenching speech you ever could have heard. It was so lovely - and she did so beautifully. Ms Halsall-Williams, our speech teacher would have been so proud of her - she made it, even with tears. It was so hard not to full on sob! I was so excited about the dinner - and the steak was literally the best thing I have ever tasted in my life! It was so yummy.
I was a little nervous about eating that I didn't finish it all - so Josh got some! It was so nice to see all our hard work - all those beautiful tablecloths I ordered from China, all the pretty vintage furniture Mummy had ordered, and all the amazing flowers, the glittery table numbers - it was just perfect -
with all these lights over our heads. It was really exactly as I had pictured it. After dinner, Josh and I moved around while everyone ate, and chatted to everyone. It had really helped that we had done a lot of the chatting and meet and greet the night before at the rehersal. It was nice to catch up
with all our friends who we hadn't seen in so long! Then, Daddy and I danced, and I cried the whole way through! The whole way through! Daddy laughed a lot and tried to hold it together though! Then Josh danced with his Mummy and that was lovely. But then, THE CAKE! I loved how beautiful our cakes were - mainly because we had 3 of them! Three! But they were great! We cut the cake with a katana - a samurai sword! Everyone really loved it! After the cake - we danced - all night! It was great! Lots of good music and dancing! It was great fun! And about 11pm, our limo came - and we headed out!

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