Friday, 3 April 2015

We finally are married. MARRIED!

It's funny - we had been waiting for this moment for months and months and months - years actually - but I was really really nervous. The music I chose to walk down the aisle to was a beautiful piano rendition of Christina Peri's "A thousand years" - which is something
I am still glad (only one month later) that I chose! But it was a really long time for people to get seated, and everyone of the girls to walk in slowly and take their place. I was hiding up above, on the balcony - and having a good time just sneaking a peak at everyone waiting. I have to say, I prayed and paced a lot up in that corridor. I was mainly worried about falling down the stairs in my beautiful shoes! But then, Alexis, our wedding planner, came to make sure I went on time - I was so nervous - but then I took this big breath
and just went for it. And I am sure I shook the whole time - but I remembered to have a big smile on my face. I don't think I breathed again until I was up with Josh. We had such a beautiful ceremony - most of which I don't remember really. We hired Wiley Lowe to be officiant -
and actually that was one of those decisions where I was just so glad we bit the bullet and hired someone. Everyone raved about Wiley afterwards - I had actually seen him in a YouTube video and known that was who I wanted to marry us! We had our friends Abel and Sinead do a reading - and then George and Mary did one. It was great to have them in the wedding with us. I cried a lot the whole time, but I managed to get through my "I do" without my voice shaking too much! And then, the glass was broken, and the music came on, and we walked down the aisle ( with poor Shelby trying to rescue my veil!) and then - it's like all my worries faded away - because we were finally married!

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