Friday, 3 April 2015

Surrounded by our family and friends

We got married! The ceremony was lovely - and I was so much more relaxed once we had gotten the ceremony out of the way and people weren't looking at me anymore. Once the exit music came on - I started dancing and was so happy! We were finally married - after all this time! So we
headed around the front of the house, and all the groomsmen and bridesmaids followed us around, and we took all sorts of family photos. Ones with our families and grandparents, and brothers and sisters. I liked those photos so much - especially this lovely one of me and my grandma.
We had all the guests in the back having a cocktail hour, and little canapes. Some of the food we chose for the wedding was really great - we had chicken and waffles - and little bang bang shrimp - it was all super yummy! One of the reasons that we chose the Powell Crosley was because the light was so beautiful and amazing. They have these beautiful Banyan trees along the side of the house, which are amazing, and we took the bridesmaids and groomsmen to these trees - and took lots of great pictures.
We took some individually and together and the boys took all sorts of silly photos - I love these boyband photos they took too! Very silly! We then took a couple more photos, and signed our marriage liscence. While we were out taking photos, Abel and Sinead, our JET friends from Ireland, were out with their baby. His mum came and looked after the baby and then took baby Casio home so they could enjoy themselves! While they were out there, we were able to get
our photographer to take a photo of the four of us. It was one of my favourites of the whole day - it wasn't planned or organized - just taken. And we look so happy! I was really pleased how the photos turned out for this - the colours and such. Everyone had been such a good sport and worn colours which went
with the colour scheme - and my mismatched bridesmaid dresses worked out really well! And our grandparents all wore light colours too which went really well together. I was so glad I was fussy about that, because it looked great! After all the photos, we went back into the house to be announced for the reception!

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