Saturday, 11 April 2015

Setting up our Michigan Wedding

We left Mexico and headed to Michigan. It may seem odd, but we were having a second wedding! Yep, a whole second wedding! We got there on Thursday night, quite late. Rachel picked us up at the airport, with this little newlyweds sign, and we headed north. We had gotten there quite late on the Thursday,
at least to my grandmas, but my mum and sister and cousins and aunts had been working really hard for a few days, getting Uncle Bart's barn ready for the wedding. We dropped our bags off, at Grandma and Papa's, and drove over to the barn, taking Rachel, as she didn't know her way. It was the foggiest
I had ever seen the way, and we got lost too! But we made it. Everyone was inside the barn - they had all the tables and chairs set up - and it looked AMAZING! My aunt had done such an amazing job! She had all the tables set up, with these green books she had found at an antique shop and she had cut
all these logs and trees and cored out the middle of them for candles. With them, and all the elephant moss and all the little antique deer Mummy had brought all the way from England. It was just adorable, and so, so perfect. So different than our Florida wedding too!

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