Saturday, 4 April 2015

A nice relaxing morning

After we left our wedding, we went by limo to our hotel. It wasn't very far away, but it was enough time to take my shoes off! We walked into the hotel, my dress all picked up and no shoes on! But we were so happy to just be in the quiet and just alone. Our wedding planner
had packed us three slices of wedding cake. They were amazing! I wish we had had six pieces, but oh well! In the morning, we had really yummy waffles on the bed, and then headed out to Marina. I have wanted to visit there since we started going to Bradenton, but we never got a chance. So we walked around Sarasota marina in the sunlight, walking among the boats, and along this pretty path looking over the harbour. It was so relaxing, and then we headed over to each of our parents houses, before heading to the airport for our honeymoon in Mexico!

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