Monday, 20 April 2015

All of the flowers!

We went to Amsterdam really for one thing - the flower festival. It is what Amsterdam is famous for - big, beautiful tulips! The big, big festival is at the Keukenhof gardens. We chose the sunniest day of our three days there - so thankfully the sky was super blue and cloud free. We took our little tram to the airport in the morning, and while
I got Starbucks, Josh got in the line for the tickets. The line was quite long, but not too bad. Then, we were told to line up for the bus. And holy camole was that line long. So so long, that it went all the way around the train station for the airport. We had been told it would go fast, but it really didn't!
I think we were in line about an hour or so - maybe longer! We all got very peckish, but at least we could go inside periodically and get a snack! We finally go to the bus, and we were on that bus for SOOOOO long! We really were convinced it was meant to be that long, but on the way back, the bus was only 20 minutes long! Once we arrived, we had no problem getting into the gardens. They were amazing. All tulips, in
all different colours and varieties - it was just amazing to see! It was seriously one of the most beautiful places! There were 7 million tulips there I read online - and it really felt like that! We walked around the whole park, taking tons of pictures, walking around the lake and just exploring. There were a lot of people there too! It was really busy - afterwards we found out that it was one of the busiest weekends they had ever had! We found the most amazing thin Dutch waffles - they were incredible! The lady who made them must have a made a million
a day - they were these little squashed waffles, where she sliced them down the middle in two - and slathered them in caramel! They were delicious! We stopped for a while on this patch of grass near the back of this huge park - with less people - we had a beer and some snacks and it was just wonderful to sit there and enjoy. It had really worked out well for us - getting a beautiful sunny day in this park in Amsterdam. Everything worked out in our favour! There was a Japanese garden that we walked through, as well as a windmill to see. It was just a really cool place!

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