Friday, 3 April 2015

The day begins!

It seems like it was forever ago that Josh asked me to marry him....way back in December 2012 - it was actually years and years ago. We planned so much. Mummy called people and sorted everything. There were caterers, and hairdressers and table settings to sort out - it was just a bit crazy. But she planned it all, and the day was finally upon us! It seemed so odd to think that. But in the morning, we got up at this big house and waited for the hair and makeup people to arrive.
We all had a really relaxing time in the morning, eating tons of coffee cake ( I actually think I ate the whole cake) because I finally could eat like crazy! We all got our hair done a little differently and all our makeup done. It was nice to be dolled up - I loved how my hair was! Then we headed over to the Powell Crosley en mass!

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