Saturday, 11 April 2015

Our beautiful Michigan Wedding!

We spent all day Friday setting up the wedding. It was a lot of work in the end - arranging all the tables, setting up all the plates and wrapping the cutlery in cute twine and all the mason jars for glasses. It was so nice to see it all come together - the s'mores pit, the candy bar, the popcorn bar and everything. It had been raining a little on Friday, so Daddy even went out and got wood chips to soak up all the water. It was looking really great - and then people started to arrive! We went inside and hid inside for a little while,
and then came in and had a mini ceremony. I wasn't nervous this time - it was just fun - and my Aunt did a great job officiating! Afterwards, we had a really great BBQ dinner - beans and cornbread and cheesy potatoes and Uncle Bart smoked a whole pig, for pulled pork sandwiches! It was so yummy!

We then went with our photographer out on the golf cart, with my cousin Kyle driving, and my cousin Carly for backup. It was a great time - we had gone out scouting places for photos the day before - there weren't any nice green trees - but there was this beautiful tall willow grass around the pond. I really hadn't imagined having photos not with trees, but holy camoley - these photos came out awesome! We took tons of photos, and came back to our reception and had a great time visiting with the family and friends who hadn't been able to visit Florida. We had all of our family photos taken right outside the barn, by the wood pile. I had the dads take the cover off of it on a whim, and it turned out to be a great place for photos. I LOVE that my family put so much effort into having two outfits, the green and the tweed just went so great together!

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