Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Our own Mouse Boat

We had a lovely time at our resort, and Josh went scuba diving one day too. We swam a lot in the lazy river, and we had the most amazing balcony at our upgraded suite, with our own pool and huge sunloungers. But eventually, we came to our last day in Mexico. So we planned to go
on what was to be the best excursion - the mouse boats. I'm not sure if that is what they are called, but they look like little tiny, personal boats. We had to go right down into Cancun to get to the place that was running it. We got our little lifejackets, and then followed the lead boat all the way along these little rivers in the mangroves. It looked just like Florida actually! We did a lot of fast open water stunts, and went on this super long boat ride. I really enjoyed just riding along, the wind in my hair, taking some pictures, and Josh really
enjoyed driving the boat. I think it was the perfect sized boat for us - it had a little tiny backseat for all our stuff, and our snorkle gear and two little seats for us! Our guide led us all the way to this lovely inlet, where there was one hotel. We looped up all of our boats together and jumped into the water for some snorkeling time!

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