Sunday, 26 October 2014

View over Tuscany

Right at the top of these gardens, on our walk out, we came across this random tea cup museum. I could have bet money on the fact that Josh wouldn't want to go in it, so instead we just looked at the gardens around it. To be fair, it was October, and they weren't the best -
but they would be by springtime. However, what caught our eye to go up there was this beautiful view over the side, over Tuscany. It has really been on my bucketlist to visit Tuscany so I was excited to see those cool vertical trees! The sun was really starting to set, so we headed back into town to go to this awesome restaurant in the city. We had a great dinner (almost all our food was great in Italy), and made a mad dash through all these little tiny alleys searching for a toilet for me before heading back out of the city to our tiny B an B!

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