Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ostia Antica

We had planned to spend several days in Rome, but found that we were much faster at walking and seeing things than the guide books said. To be honest - now this has happened several times - so we plan to spend much less time than all the guide books say! So we had to decide on a day
trip from Rome - something easy to get to. We managed to catch a train to Ostica Antica- this giant archeological ruin in the outsikirts of Rome. Ostia used to be it's own little harbour city - and it still feels so seperate from Rome. We got ther - right in front of a tour group - but apart from that one tour group - it was so lovely and empty. They say there is stuff at Ostia Antica from 3BC - the idea of that is just crazy - that we can see so much of it now! The entrance of the town was these huge stones and pillars. They have beautiful
intact theaters there - lots of big trees and all sorts of mosaics on the floor. We had such a good time wandering around there - it was one of the best places I have ever visited! We had such a good time exploring the old shops, the old toilets and all sorts of places which the army settlement used. It was super great and we saw all sorts of buildings. We saw on the map that the oldest recorded Synagogue was there origionally - so we headed out to try and find it. It really is a huge place, that takes all day to explore and
see it. The Synagogue was supposed to be at the very edge of the town - but we couldn't find it - which was a shame - but we did get a workout getting there! On our way back - we walked through all these side streets which were amazing. Out at the outskirts, the buildings weren't bariccaded and we could walk through them all
- touching all the stones and sitting on the columns - it made for some really great pictures and a nice relax! It took all day for us to explore - and then we wandered into the town. We had a little guidebook and one restaurant was mentioned in it. It turned out to have the best carbonara either of us had ever eaten - we lucked out with all the food on our trip!

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