Sunday, 26 October 2014

Art at the Uffuzi

Josh and I know nothing about art, especially historical art - but we do know that Florence is the place to see it all. They have all sorts of great museums, so on our second day we headed over to the Uffuzi museum (which is a great name, I must say!). There were lots of lines
to get through the security, but after that, we had no problems. We were really fortunate in that it wasn't particularily busy, and that we were also able to follow another English speaking tour group around. So at least, we got to know a little about the art in the museum. And there is just so,
so, so much art. If you wanted to spend any time looking at any time then you could be there for days! The best room was all cornered off, and it was this red walled, huge ceiling room which was like an octagon - it was full to the brim with statues and paintings and priceless gifts from around
the world - it was great! But noone could go in - it was just one opening for us to stop and pop our heads in! I also loved all the carved statue heads - rows and rows of great craftsmanship that we certainly don't see nowadays!

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